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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

16" White Corrugated Pizza Circle

Provide a stable foundation for your pizzas with this 16" corrugated pizza circle. This corrugated pizza circle is made of sturdy, single-wall C flute uncoated corrugated cardboard to carry and support even the heaviest of pizzas. It is designed to help maintain the pizza's heat during transport and it absorbs grease and liquids to ensure optimal freshness. Its crisp white color will help your pizza and toppings stand out for a stunning presentation, and its kraft side is rated food safe for direct contact, making this item reversible.

There are no added PFAS, which are fluorochemicals that have been linked to numerous health concerns. This pizza circle features a 15 15/16" diameter to easily fit into or remove from a 16" pizza box. Placing this circle under your food ensures that any crumbs or oils are contained and easy to clean up. Once your patrons are done with their pizza, this circle can easily be thrown out thanks to the disposable design.