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American Metalcraft 2136 36" Stainless Steel Paddle

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American Metalcraft 2136 Details

Safely stir large vats of stew, sauce, or batter with this American Metalcraft 2136 36" stainless steel paddle. Great for prep work, this stainless steel mixing paddle is a must-have addition to your kitchen tools. Versatile in use, this paddle can be used to stir both hot and cold ingredients. The wide, tubular handle allows your staff to hold onto the paddle easily for greater control and leverage while helping them keep a safe distance from the steaming contents.

Unlike wooden or nylon mixing paddles, the stainless steel will not chip or crack. It's also easy to clean for quick and efficient cleanup. The one-piece construction makes this mixing paddle a reliable tool as you stir hot liquids without the fear of having your mixer and paddle fall apart. The smooth, rounded edges of the paddle are great for gently incorporating ingredients and the large size allows you to work quickly during food prep