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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

Anchor Hocking 1 oz. Measuring Glass with Red Print and Gradations

Maximize profits by ensuring proper portion control with the Anchor Hocking 96522AHG18 1 oz. measuring glass. The high-quality form and feel of this measuring glass make it a perfect addition to any restaurant, hotel, or bar operation. Offering exceptional brilliance and clarity, this measuring glass makes it clear that your staff is equipped with the best. Whether you are working with top shelf liquor brands or premium coffee products, the ability to measure precisely and prevent overpour is essential to maintaining your profit margin. With this glass, the easy-to-see, bright red graduated marks make it easy for your baristas or bartenders to consistently mix up the perfect drink without overdoing it on any ingredients!

The graduations include teaspoon, tablespoon, and ounce marks up to 1 oz. to allow you to correctly measure syrups, liquors, or other ingredients to successfully prepare a variety of cocktails and other beverages. Thanks to a sold overall construction and a thick base, this glass is perfectly balanced to rest easily on counters as you pour ingredients. The crystal-clear design makes measuring easy, even in dim lighting. Plus, it's great for increasing visual appeal if your bartenders enjoy adding a little flair! Since there is no handle to get in the way, this glass can easily be stored in bar or coffee shop areas where space is at a premium.