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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

Choice 12 oz. One-Piece Stainless Steel Ladle with Gray Coated Handle


Designed with soups, stews, and broths in mind, this Choice 12 oz. one-piece stainless steel ladle with gray coated handle is an ideal tool for any kitchen. With a versatile design, this ladle can be used throughout the cooking process from kitchen to dining table. With the capacity stamped in both ounces and milliliters, you can easily identify the ladle you need. In addition, its gray PVC handle helps to identify the size of the ladle at a glance for quick service.

This 12 oz. ladle is crafted with durable stainless steel that's strong enough to withstand repeated use in any commercial kitchen. Meanwhile, an integrated hooked handle allows for the item to easily sit on the edge of pots, preventing accidental drops or spills. The one-piece construction also makes this item very easy to clean, eliminating lengthy dishwashing processes. This ladle is the ideal complement to any chef's traditional set of utensils.