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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

Choice 6" x 4 1/4" Stainless Steel Dough Cutter / Scraper with Black Handle

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This multi-use Choice 6" x 4 1/4" stainless steel dough cutter / scraper with a black handle is a must-have tool for your kitchen! This tool is designed to help simplify your food preparation process. Not only can it slice through dough to create perfect portions, but it can also help scrape up any leftover dough as well. It's great for other cooking tasks too. Use it to pick up chopped vegetables or diced meat and to transfer ingredients from the cutting board to a mixing bowl or pan.

Designed to last, the blade of this scraper is made from durable, high-quality stainless steel. It features a black plastic handle with a dual-textured finish that is comfortable to hold for a safe, reliable grip that is slip-resistant. Both the handle and the blade itself are easy to clean since the smooth surface keeps food particulates from becoming stuck in grooves or creases. No matter what it's used to prepare, this dough cutter and scraper delivers long-lasting convenience and a comfortable cooking experience.