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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!
Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

Galaxy IMBL7 7" Variable Speed Immersion Blender - 2/5 HP

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Sporting a 7" removable blending shaft, this useful blender can achieve up to 13,000 RPM for pureeing, emulsifying, and whipping. As such, it adds versatility to a variety of low-volume settings. From berries and cream to vinaigrette salad dressing, plenty of recipes benefit from a trusty immersion blender! The stainless steel 7" shaft can reach into several different pots and containers for flexible performance. Additionally, this durable component easily detaches from the base so you can wash it in your sink, making clean up at the end of a long night a quick and effortless task. To ensure the operator with full control, this blender features a variable speed mechanism that allows you to adjust the rate with which you're whipping or emulsifying your products. Its clever, ergonomic design makes it lightweight and comfortable to maneuver, which helps to reduce user fatigue. The on/off button is located on the handle for quick manipulation.