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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!
Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

Green Dragon

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Green Dragon is a gentle, non-toxic powder that is soap free and packs a real cleaning punch! Green Dragon is not a traditional encap product and does not contain polymers. Instead, the product utilizes anti-redeposition agents that help repel soil from the fiber. Green Dragon will crystallize as it dries and bonds to soil. Green Dragon also does an amazing job of taking on a variety of organic stains. Green Dragon is available in no scent & lemon scent! Green Dragon – pet and people safe powder, no VOC’s (no scent version) all purpose cleaner for HWE and VLM cleaning. Great on carpet, upholstery, tile and almost anything else. Contains no oxy, but still works on many organic stains (not so much on urine). One of our biggest selling products. Generally safe on wool (test first).