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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

OXO 11180100 Brew 12 oz. Individual Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Water Tank


OXO 11180100 Details

Serve up personalized cups of coffee with the help of this OXO 11180100 Brew 12 oz. individual pour over coffee dripper with water tank. This individual pour over coffee brewer gives you the ultimate control to create consistent delicious cups of pour over coffee. The snap on water tank features measurement markers up to 12 oz., so you can quickly fill to the desired volume each time. It features a precise hole pattern on the water tank that ensures even distribution of water over your coffee grounds. This also regulates the rate at which water flows into the dripper so that your coffee grounds won't overflow the filter.

The dripper is designed with ribbed walls that promote coffee flow that optimizes flavor every time. To maintain the warmth of your coffee, the water tank has a lid that can also be used as a drip tray when your coffee is brewed. This allows the coffee dripper to be used at individual tables in a diner or bakery, or used on demand at a catered event. For extra convenience, this entire unit fits securely over a variety of mugs so the fresh coffee can drip directly into your customers' mugs! It even comes with 10 included filters so you can get brewing right away