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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

Royal Paper STIRSTIX-BK Stix To Go 4 3/4" Black Beverage Plug and Stirrer - 200/Pack

Instead of stocking a resealable cup lid, save money and offer your customers the Royal Paper STIRSTIX-BK Stix To Go 4 3/4" black beverage plug and stirrer. A perfect addition to any coffee shop and cafe, this coffee stopper and stirrer allows customers to safely transport their hot beverages to any destination. The dual functionality of this item makes stocking up for your self-serve coffee counters simple. The specially grooved top snaps into most lids, except Dart brand. After a mess free transportation, customers can use this beverage plug as a stirrer for their favorite cup of coffee. A sleek, polypropylene design in matte black blends into any theme and decor.

Your customers will appreciate the functionality of this item. Not only does it work to prevent messes, it's also ideal for keeping beverages hotter for up to 40% longer than without. It's perfect for the busy coworker purchasing and transporting multiple beverages at once or for anyone traversing bumpy roads. Serving the same functionality as a resealable lid, this plug will keep your beverages right inside the cup. At 4 3/4" in length, this stirrer is perfect for a hot beverage of any size. Versatile and effective, this stirrer is the perfect item for maintaining heat, meaning customers can enjoy their beverages long after the initial purchase. This sleek and innovative plug is perfect for your restaurant, cafe, or bakery.