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Free Shipping On Auto Scrubbers Only!

Tractor Beverage Co. Organic Berry Patch Beverage 8.5:1 Concentrate 32 oz.

Keep your cooler stocked with organic beverage concentrates with this Tractor Beverage Co. organic berry patch beverage 8.5:1 concentrate! This concentrate features a fruity, apple and pomegranate flavor, mixing apple cider vinegar and fragrant spices with pure cane sugar. It's an essential drink to satisfy your guests' cravings. Plus, the convenient packaging makes it easy to mix and serve at your events, behind the bar, or at self-serve stations for continued service of this delicious drink.

Tractor non-carbonated concentrates are easy to use in your establishment, and each 32 oz. concentrate will yield approximately 2.38 gallons of prepared liquid or (25) 12 oz. servings when mixed. Simply combine 1 part concentrate to 8.5 parts water, minimizing waste while maximizing profits. Serve on its own or use to mix a drink, or freeze in a granita machine to prepare signature slushies for your menu.

With a wide range of flavorful beverage, soda, and juice options, Tractor Beverage Co. offers the high-end, diverse flavors you want in your establishment prepared with organic, non-GMO formulas. Real ingredients and authentic flavors are artfully blended to craft beverages that are sourced as thoughtfully as the food on your menu. Tractor syrups and concentrates are perfect for upscale events, bars, hotels, restaurants, and self-serve stations. Trust Tractor Beverage Co. for all of your flavorful beverage needs!